Wide Wrap 'Obi' Belt

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Our best-selling belt for a reason.

This wide wrap belt cinches the waist, giving a beautiful hourglass silhouette - whether you have a waist or not! 

Looks great with a kimono or haori, but is versatile enough to wear with almost anything. 

  • Faux pebbled leather. Soft and supple, but sturdy enough to feel supported. 
  • Adjustable waist, fits a range of sizes.
    • With end looped through the hole, it best fits 25"-38" (63cm-96cm) waist. If not looped through, and just wrapped around, it will fit smaller. If tied in the back, and not the front, it will fit larger.
  • Choice of colors:
    • Black
    • Brown
    • Champagne Gold (this is a very light, almost silver Gold)
    • Navy (not pictured, it's a very dark Navy, nearly Black)
    • Pinkish Peach (actual name is Pink Skin)
    • Red (not pictured)
    • Silver 
    • Gold (not pictured, VERY gold!)