Himo ties for Haori Jackets

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We will choose a matching pair of himo ties for your haori - OR - add to cart and specify in the 'additional notes' section what color you would like. Please specify if you would like them looped into your haori, or included separately.

Himo ties attach to haori jackets via loops that are located inside, near the collar. They don't tie a haori closed all the way, rather, they keep it in place, with an opening of 2"-4". They hang, hidden, when not in use.

All womens haori jackets will have loops for himo ties, unless specified.

The ties pictured are just an example of product and the ones receive will be different, as each one is one-of-a-kind.

  • Shōwa Period (1926-1989)
  • Hand-woven silk
  • Most colors available, except brown & black
    • Silver, Gold, or half & half
    • White
      • Off-White, Bright White, Cream
      • with Gold or Silver
    • Red
    • Orange
      • Light, Dark, Burnt
    • Blue
      • Light, Dark, Turquoise
    • Purple
      • Light, Dark
    • Green
      • Light, Dark
    • Teal
    • Pink
      • Dark, Light, Fuchsia
    • Mauve
    • Yellow
      • Pale, Bright